The door slams and with it my respite from the drama. So much for the luck o’ the Irish. I think Mike could have shat gold and she’d still have that pissy look etched across her face. I watch her stomp and slam across the kitchen, each move punctuated with her favorite child-like pout or a sigh. Even pretending to care feels like too much work. My body’s sending so many mixed messages that my head begins to spin. I need a junk food and fizzy drink fix but the dull sexual ache in my drawers is by far my most pressing concern. I sneak a glance at the cure as she flirts with the padlock string of her short shorts daring me to unleash the shackles of my sexual repression. Christ no wonder so many priests turn to children. I’ve been celibate almost four days now and my balls are starting to scrape off the floor. I tried getting some in with Cass last night but she wasn’t in the mood (when is she ever?). I’m not in the right frame of mind, I’m tired she said yet funny how she still had the energy to bitch and moan about Tori all night.
It’s not until Kelly shrieks in remembrance about something from last night that I realize I’ve been in a sex trance which is instantly validated by Cassidy’s killer stare. Even as I mouth the word “what” I can’t
help but trace Tori’s fingers as she plays with her string egging me on. Under the camera’s watchful eye the pressure’s just too much. Last night’s drink begins to seep from every pore of my skin and every labored swallow feels like an admittance of guilt. The more I try not to think of Tori the more I think of Tori. Suddenly I’m very conscious of the fact I’m wearing cotton shorts and every movement’s like a rub down from a pro. Please god don’t let me get a boner on television. It slowly begins to nestle from its slumber and I need to act fast. Shit did someone say something?
“Hello earth to Ricki.” Kelly says.
I smile a desperate smile and she repeats the question.
“Did you try out any of those cocktails last night? I told you they’re the best.”
“I gotta take a shower.” and with that I bound up the stairs to the bedroom.

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