“I just thought she was drunk is all.”
“Yis didn’t even care enough to check in on her.”
“How was I to know she was spiked?”
“Well she was hardly that pissed in little over an hour.”
Amidst Jordan’s petty squabbling I think I hear the door click, and when I investigate Tori is walking back to our room. What the hell was Jordan squawking about? She looks fine. God why have short guys always got to be so volatile?
“Babe everything alright?” And I go in for the hug until she holds her hands up in protest.
“I just need some rest is all.”
I let her know that I’m sorry but it’s hard to tell if she’s wincing or winking because she keeps looking at the ground and trying to shield her face. Has Jordan been trash talking me?
“We still cool?”
“Of course,” Tori says before turning quick on her heels, “I’ve gotta get some sleep.”
And like that she’s gone, and I know that’s she’s pissed. That stupid short bastard. I storm back to the kitchen where he’s smugly sat. Condescending asshole. I’m ready to explode so start making a sandwich to calm myself down, but everything keeps falling and spilling all over the place. Ugh cut me some slack.
“You want a hand?” Jordan says.
“Who died and made you king?”
But he doesn’t respond and just brushes the comment off like it was a piece of dirt. Don’t laugh at me short fry. Brush off this, and I throw some slices of ham which hit him square in the mush. Hahaha how’d you like those apples?
“What the hell is ya problem you psycho bitch?”
I’m not sure if it’s a case of a lack of self-control or a desire to reign myself in but I can’t stop myself from swinging, clawing, and kicking this worthless piece of shit. The more that he yells the more I’m enraged, and I land punch after punch, and miss after miss until finally someone grabs me from behind, “get your hands off me pervert.” then the rage transfers but I’m not sure at to who or to what and I’m screaming, and slapping and punching throughout. It’s only after something smashes that my muted anguish is subjected to sound; Jordan yelling expletives in full blast while Leanne sobs with an almost quiet dignity.
“Now Kelly I’m not trying to hurt you but I can’t let you go.”
Yet I’m tired, too tired, to struggle or fight.

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