We pull up to the driveway and I jump out of the car with the ignition still running. Shit I was so close to just ducking and rolling about twenty blocks back to get away from the bitch. But knowing the mood she’s in she’d have mowed me down GTA style before my ass got a chance to hit the ground. I mean sorry for showing some concern about our future and not signing the first bit of paper that sleaze Josh shoves in front of us. Give her a candy bar and she’ll scan it till her eyes bleed searching for E numbers but put a contract in front of her and she’ll sign it before the page hits the table.
In the very least you’ve got to pretend to play the game and you can tell a lot about a person by how they sell themselves. Just like in life nobody has respect for the slut who puts out on the first night. How can people expect to be paid what they’re worth if they show no self-worth themselves? I ain’t no fuckin’ whore.
I walk into the pizza parlor and Maria’s on and greets me with a smile.
“Let me guess a meat deluxe special?”
“You know me better than my girlfriend.” which is intended as an off the cuff remark although probably isn’t too far from the truth.
“So how are things with you?”
“Looking up. I just got back from a meeting with MTV and they want me to be the poster boy of their new reality TV program.”
“That’s awesome! So are you going to take it?”
“I’m still weighing it up. I mean sure the money is great n’ all but I don’t wanna jeopardize my reputation you know?”
Maria looks at me blankly and smiles. I guess for a girl working in a pizza joint there is no dilemma. I have a light bulb moment and now I finally understand what celebrities mean by when they say they feel alienated from everyday life.
The order arrives shortly and Maria throws in a free side of chicken wings.
“Don’t forget me when you’re famous,” She says and I can’t help feel I’ve already made it.

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