“So how was work babe?”
“Work was work, why what’s wrong?”
“Why does something have to be wrong?”
“Because you never ask about my day. Usually the first words out of your mouth are god you stink.”
“Can’t a girl just ask her man about his day without having an ulterior motive?”
“A girl yes, you no.”
I pat the seat next to me and instruct him to sit.
“Look I’ve made you your favorite.”
“Okay spit it out, and since when do I like hotdogs?”
“Well I had a phone call from Josh and he has an exciting project lined up for me, I mean us.”
He takes a bite from the hotdog and motions me to continue.
“Anyway apparently there’s a production company signed up on board to produce MTV’s latest new reality programme and he thinks we’d be perfect for that part. He thinks we could even be the next “Speidi”.”
I’m not sure if he’s digesting the food or the information but either way he seems to be struggling.
“Isn’t that great?”
He chokes down a lump of hotdog.
“Why the fuck would I want to be one of those jerkoffs? And besides, I’m a serious actor.”
“Yeah well last time I checked Ben Affleck wasn’t serving fat old women pancakes and grits.”
“I don’t care I’m not doing it.
“Just think of it as a springboard to bigger opportunities.”
“What like ribbon cutting ceremonies for juice bars or guest appearances on Sweet Sixteen for fat, rich, mongoloid kids?”
“Lauren Conrad now has her own fashion line.”
“And so did MC Hammer.”
I try my best to cry and force his hand but nothing happens.
“Why are you squinting like that?”
“I think I’ve something in my eye.”
I try everything in my power to convince him of the show’s potential but he just closes his eyes and shuts me out. No matter how loud I tut or how hard I sigh he refuses to flinch or acknowledge me. I decide to change tack and offer him a cup of tea which he accepts.
When I return with the tea he’s fast asleep and it hits me. I carefully unzip his pants and remove them slowly before taking the plunge.

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