I walk in and throw my mat down beside the door. I don’t particularly feel any more enlightened although I did come to an important decision re: my wardrobe – Juicy Couture is out. I’m just sick of seeing heavily pregnant Beverly Hills teenagers waddling around shopping malls with “Juicy” stretched out across their ass.
Hey Cass.”
I let out a shriek and drop my handbag to the floor.
“You nearly gave me a heart attack Tammy popping out of nowhere like that.”
“Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you.”
She comes in close for a hug and I can’t help but notice how radiant her face looks.
“What face cream are you using?”
Um Crème de la mer I think.”
“Really? I tried that before and it made my skin all hard and gave me a moon face. Wow even your cheeks are glowing.”
Tammy thanks me but seems awkward about the attention, possibly embarrassed. She must still be trying to come to terms with her new found beauty (thanks to Dr. Steinman). I guess being the ugly duckling in high school has its baggage and these things take time.
“So what has you around these parts?”
“I wanted to see if you were maybe free for a spot of lunch and some shopping?”
“When have you ever known me to pass on a shopping trip?”
I hear the toilet flush which reminds me that Ricki is here. He spends his life in that bathroom but what’s the point? He’s still gonna look like a retard in that uniform.
“Did he even have the courtesy to offer you a drink?” I say loud enough so that he’ll hear me.
“I’m good thanks.”
“Why have you always gotta break my balls?” He says and already I feel like we’re an old married couple and this is our bit.
“Come on let’s go.” and I shout my goodbyes, pick up my bag and leave.

We picked up some sandwiches from the Wonderland Bakery and were going to eat them al fresco but I decided against it because outside was so dull that even the palm trees seemed sad. Instead we opted for a food court where we were subjected to the hollering of some golf ball faced teenagers. When I told them to skate off one of the nasty little shits said that his board had more curves than me. I said that he should hold onto his pathetic board for the rest of his life because its the only thing he’s ever gonna ride. Who the hell wants a skater boy? Even Avril Lavigne dumped hers once the record royalties came in.
I look through the racks of Stella McCartney and finally settle on a charcoal wool-blend mini dress and silk and cotton tank top with silver-toned paillettes on the front. I show Tammy the fruits of my labour and ask her what she thinks.
Oh I love especially the tank’s classic race back. I thought you were broke though?”
“Oh my god you sound like Ricki. My dad cleared my card the other day.”
“Won’t Rick notice?”
“Please, and notice something other than himself? Besides he’d have to leave the bathroom first.”
“Are things okay between you guys? Because if he’s not treating you right you should kick his ass to the curb.”
I now realize how my tone must have come across and try to backtrack a little.
Yeah everything’s fine. I mean like every couple we have our fights but I’m sure it’ll pick up once he lands a real job.”
Okay I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” She says and although I’m a bit surprised by the sting of the conversation I guess her heart is in the right place.

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