“I feel like some sad Poison groupie having to live in such squalor.”
“Jesus it’s not that bad.”
“This morning a cockroach perved on me while I peed.”
“For free? Why didn’t you charge him? You’re always saying how we need the money.”
“Rick I’m serious I’ve never felt so violated. Every time it hissed I felt it was leering at me-I can’t live like this.”
“Cass relax things will pick up.”
“Oh really because you’ve been saying that for three months now.”
“But they will starting Thursday when I nail that deodorant commercial.”
“Yeah well correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t ever remember Leonardo Di Caprio being the face of a men’s BO guard.”
“He did his time too hun. Remember when he played that goofy retard? I mean you don’t want me to be THAT guy do you?”
Well at least Leo was only a retard in his movie-you have to dress like one every day.”
“Jesus Christ again with the uniform. It’s a 1960s diner and it’s part of the image I have to wear it.”
“But pinstripes make you look fat, and red is so not your colour. Couldn’t you just speak to your boss or something?”
“And say what? Sorry boss but I’m not wearing that piece of candy-striped garbage because my girlfriend says it makes me look fat.”
“But surely it’s against your rights. Don’t you have a union leader?”
“Well maybe if you contributed something I wouldn’t have to work in such a jerkoff diner.”
Eh hello, who do you think organized your wardrobe and sorted out the apartment’s Zen?”
“I mean money Cassidy.”
“I’m sorry but if you think I’m spending my days hauling my ass around a Chucky Cheese serving single mom’s bottomless coffee you’ve got another thing coming. I’d rather dance for the cockroach.”
“What about your dad?”
“Daddy didn’t exactly approve of me moving out here to begin with so it’s a non-runner.”
“What about your agent? Has he anything in the pipeline for you?”
“I’m meeting him this afternoon so I guess I’ll find out then.”
Ricki moves in and kisses me on the head and tells me not to worry and that everything will be okay. Easy for him to say at least he gets fed at work. If things don’t pick up I’ll have to start washing my hair with regular off the shelf products. I don’t know what’ll kill me first the frizz or the cockroaches. The whole thing is a vicious circle-how can I be expected to land any roles if my hair’s not at optimum vitality?
“Are you okay? You look like you’re about to cry?”
I know Ricki thinks I’m being over dramatic but tell that to Jenifer Aniston. There’s no way she’d have got “Friends” without her hair ticket (especially with that nose!).
“I’m fine,” I say as my run my hand through my hair worrying what will become of it, of me.

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