Damo disappeared an hour ago and I’ve no idea where Ludo is. I see a few faces I recognize and a few sluts in the mix that I don’t. JD always sends my libido crazy but now it’s in overdrive. Normally when I slap a bird’s arse I at least have the common sense to hang back and see if she’s into it. But tonight subtly is not my forte and I’ve got the slaps on my face to prove it.
I’m up at the bar ordering another shot when it hits me. My kidneys feel like they’re about to explode. Fuck it I think to myself as I lean into the bar and undo my fly. Before I’ve thought about what I’m doing the cracks in the tiles are filling up as the streamline drifts further and further down the bar. I’m still going when the bartender returns with my drink so I fly hands solo. I neck my shot and begin to redo my zipper when I hear a scream. I turn my head and some blonde slut is screaming and pointing in the general vicinity of my groin. I flee to the dance floor and lose myself in the crowd while I watch blondie ratting me out to two bouncers. I take this as my calling card to go, head upstairs, and exit the club straight away. When I leave the freshness of the cool night air knocks me for six; I suddenly feel very sick and my head begins to spin.
I lean against the railings for support and it’s only then do I notice the sound of sobbing.
I try to align my eyes to the noise and finally plonk myself down on the step beside the damsel in distress.
“What’s wrong darling?” I say and her head slowly rises from her knees to register the voice.
“Tony,” she says although the way she phrases it comes out more like a question. Never mind stepping on a black cat I must have raped ten. FUUUUUUUUCCCK.
“Hi Christina, are you okay?” not really wanting to know the answer.
“Everything has turned to shit. I hate my job, Ronan won’t even speak to me, and you were right about Sean. That guy’s a total asshole. My life’s a total mess.”
“Calm down Christina,” I say as I cradle her into my arms “It’ll be okay.”
I spent the next twenty minutes placating her with this type of crap throwing out generic templates to beat the band-“it’s not you, it’s him”, “you’re a wonderful woman with so much to offer”, until it gets to the stage were I don’t even know if I’m sick from the drink or at myself. I check my watch and if I don’t get a move on I’m going to miss my nightlink. I try to usher her towards Stephen’s Green but we only manage to stagger ten minutes down the road before her heel gives way at an apartment complex laneway.
Fuck sake I’ll never get home. I walk over to give her a hand, and she leans on me for support while she tries to adjust her shoe. Her heel snaps completely and she falls into me nearly knocking me completely off balance. I try to stop her from toppling over only to succeed in unceremoniously grabbing her by her chest. She pauses for a second and I continue to slowly fondle and cup her tits-the JD well and truly present in my system. I push her against the wall while our faces meet and tongues intertwine. Neither of our hands seems to be responding quickly enough to our brain’s desires as we frantically grope in a disjointed manner unable to find a rhythm. I launch my hand down the front of her jeans-breaking the top button in the process-but only manage to get my fingers halfway down because the jeans are bet on to her waist. I hastily try to undo another button with one hand, while I caress her face with the other but no joy.
“Jesus Christ are these things fuckin’ welded on?” I say.
I take a step back and studiously undo the button with both hands. I pick up where I left off and slip my hand down her sweet cotton panties and am about to go straight for the money shot when it dawns on me.
“What? What’s wrong?” She asks. I didn’t realize my surprise was so tangible.
“Nothing,” I quickly blurt out and resume my business. The lying fuckin’ prick-there’s no road kill. Christina’s as smooth as a porn star with only a tidy velvet runway in place to guide even the drunkest of men to success. This unexpected treat sends a rush of blood straight to my dick while I finger and rub Christina until I think she’s just ripe.
I grab her by the hand and take her further down the alleyway until we’re beside some wheelie bins. I begin to pull down my pants but she’s already sucking away before they’re down past my thighs. I thrust and thrust hoping to see some mascara tears but she swallows me whole without even flinching. The harder I try the more deflated I become so I quickly pull out hoping to salvage what remains for sex. I flip her around against the wall and insert myself with ease but all I have left is a barely functional semi. I try to pound her good and proper but merely succeed in poking and prodding. The only thing pounding is my heart leaving me nauseous-lungs feeling desperately short of air.
“Hold on Christina,” and with that I quickly withdraw. My hands are on my knees while I pant trying to devour as much oxygen as possible. Christina pulls back up her skirt and rubs my back for a few moments. I sit down with my back against the wall trying my best to settle my breathing. I wave Christina towards me to try and quell my embarrassment. She sits beside me and for once is silent.
I’m awoken by the high pitched tweeting and singing of birds. Initially I’m confused because it’s relatively dark although I can see the semblance of daylight beginning to peer through the clouds. My mouth tastes like copper and it’s only when I’m tonguing the gross film of Red Bull on my teeth do I discover Christina slumped beside me. Fuck. I lay against the wall debating whether or not to leave her until I make my decision.
“Christina” I whisper but nothing. I try again but there’s still no sign of movement.
I rub her hand while continuously calling her name. Eventually, her eyes open and her lips begin to move. Her face suddenly springs to life at the realisation of her situation and her pupils dilate when she registers me rubbing her hand. I quickly withdraw it and let her acclimatise to the state of our sordid affair. I wait for her to speak first as I sure as hell don’t want to be the one to address this mess. She runs her hand through her hair checking the time on her wrist when she’s finished.
“Ohh my God it’s nearly six in the morning,” she says. I revel in the banality of her first statement relived it’s not a rape claim.
“No way! I guess we better get a move on.” I jump up to my feet but decide against offering a hand to help her up-touching her now would feel so inappropriate.
We walk back out onto the main street and it’s not long before we come across a taxi. I flag it down and immediately offer it to Christina hoping it’ll act as some kind of pseudo-apology. She gets in the back seat and I tell her that “I’ll give her a ring” knowing full well that I don’t have her number. She smiles just as the taxi pulls away. I wait until she’s out of sight and take a seat on the kerb-I’m my own worst enemy.
I lie patiently waiting on my bed but nothing happens. I can’t get the match out of my head, which was a total disaster, but then what else could I expect after passing out drunk in an alleyway till six in the morning. The match was only in its infancy when I got sent off. I wouldn’t mind but the sad thing is I actually genuinely went for the ball. If I wasn’t so drunk the tackle would have been a simple formality. I felt awful as I watched my foot ignore the ball and connect straight with his knee cap. The lads off the team thought he was pulling a Ronaldo but I knew by the crack he was anything but faking injury. I’d already started walking off the pitch before the ref even had time to grab the card from his pocket.
It’s bad enough I’m never at training these days but to get sent off when I do show up is a total disaster. I hear my phone vibrate and it interrupts my train of thought. I check my inbox and it’s a message from Damian-“Ur sum dawg”. I reply back with a question mark and eagerly await his response. The phone vibrates instantly and I view the message straight away-“Crazyhorse!” I throw the phone to the floor knowing my denial will only incriminate me further. What the fuck has that nut been saying?

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